Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Lip Enhancement can Bring Fullness to Your Smile
How Lip Enhancement can Bring Fullness to Your Smile
The way we look may feel incidental to how well we get on in the world, yet for many of us we suffer from a lack of confidence if we don’t look our best. We see ordinary men and women in documentaries or on the news that may not look like supermodels or even have much dress sense but they can often make their way in their chosen career, have happy families and generally do fine without worrying all the time about their appearance. But look around at the high earners, towards the top tier of society, at the ones wearing make up, dressing as well as possible, shaping themselves and grooming themselves to create an impression of perfect control. If looks aren’t important then why do they do all this?

Why is controlling how we look so important? For one thing, it is thought that if one is in control of one’s appearance , that control must spill over into other aspects of one’s life and that is a very attractive characteristic. In itself it can mean one of many things, including that the person considers themselves to be highly important, that they want to be regarded as important, or, conversely, that they are lacking in real confidence but they feel better if dressed as if they were confident. For most human beings though, the impression they receive from this controlled person is one of power because the world is a wild and unpredictable place in which pockets of control stand out.

So every thing about our external selves gives off a message to others. Even Buddhist monks who all wear the same robes, give an impression of their individuality with their smiles or with serious expressions. We all convey much with our faces. Your clothes can almost be discounted if your face is expressive. Faces attract or repel people. Clothing adds a few further bits of information to the overall effect, including how wealthy you are, how much you care about fashion and perhaps which country you come from. Faces on the other hand, can sit on top of any outfit and can be the icing on the cake

Our faces are our lives, our daily journals and our passports through the world. We can say much with a smile or a frown. We can give silent messages with subtle changes of expression or, with a blatant grin and a wink, let someone know exactly what you are thinking. And in moments of passion and intimate intimacy your system transforms as we react to our lover. For example our eyes flash, our nostrils quiver, our lips swell and blush. This is why many women choose to wear bright red lipstick to make their mouths look sexually attractive and this is why fuller, shapely lips seem to many, to be more kissable.

For many of us, though, through the passing years or through accident of birth, our facial looks can indicate emotions that we are not actually feeling inside. Thin lips can be associated with meanness. A permanent scowl can cause even buddies to feel that they are being judged negatively For reasons such as these, non- surgical procedures for improving the appearance of the face, such as lip enhancement, can make a huge difference to the inner confidence of individuals who have endured misunderstanding because of their facial appearance.

Of course, this sort of procedure must be carried out by a qualified doctor and precautions taken to prevent unwanted side effects. It is not something we can purchase at the chemist and use ourselves in the privacy of our own bathroom. The range of treatments can also vary with regards to the desired effect and so a decision must be taken with the qualified aid of a highly trained specialist in the field. However, when taking these precautions, the advantages can be life-changing.

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